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Elsa is satisfied with Nike

Nike Spain, adequately manages the complaint of Elsa, user who has used the free Easyfeedback tool…

Proof of Feedback

Graph of how Feedback sent and EFTs work

What is Proof of Feedback?: https://www.easyfeedbacktoken.io/what-is-proof-of-feedback/ How do the “Internal Validator Node” and “Enterprise Validator Node” work? : https://www.easyfeedbacktoken.io/how-internal-validator-node-and-enterprise-validator-node-work/ How does the “Lawyer Validator Node” work?: https://www.easyfeedbacktoken.io/how-does-the-lawyer-validator-node-work/

Easy Feedback Token EFT What is Proof of Feedback
Proof of Feedback

What is Proof of Feedback?

Proof of Feedback is the consensus test model established by Easy Feedback to govern the distribution of the EFT token.